My name is Anya Milioutina, and I'm a designer. Let's work together.

Designer? What kind?
I specialize in branding, illustration, and UI design... but if you like my style, I love learning new tricks.

Three vowels in a row! How do I say your name?
Don't worry, I've heard it all. It's mill-you-tee-nah.

Where are you?
Previously based in LA, I had a quarter-life crisis, sold all my possessions, and ran away to travel the world last August. I may be a walking cliche, but the travel bug is a dangerous insect.

But I need a [insert project here]!
Wipe those tears away, I'm currently available for freelance projects. Not only that, but I'm back stateside and accepting new work. Does your second cousin's boyfriend's sister's best friend's hamster need a logo? Send 'em my way!

What's your experience?
CDO, GoVyrl, Inc.
Graphic Designer/Photographer, Dynasty Vapes
BFA Graphic Design, Chapman University


Want more? You're insatiable!
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